Unrequited Love

There is this man who loves this woman and only he knows this. He watches her from afar and when he sees her during the day his body begins to tingle, his heart pounds against his chest and he feels light-headed and weak. She doesn’t know the effect she has on him nor will he confess it to her or anyone for that matter. You see Nate was not shy or had problems with the ladies, Nate was married and happily married or so the story goes. He wasn’t looking to have an affair or to meet another woman, he was the type to go to work every day and not deviate from his routine.

I guess this is the reason why he is feeling so confused and out of sorts at trying to analyze what was happening here. Selena was a beautiful young woman who every man in the office, married or single, wished they could have if only for one night. The funny part was, she was the most humble, helpful and kind person you would ever get to meet. They are all bankers, Corporate Bankers, and often work late. Selena would do her work, take care of her customers, book loans, increase credit lines, get her accounts to invest and refer more business to her and it wasn’t a big deal or something to brag about.  Nate often spoke to her since they both shared a business relationship with a client who refused to choose between either of them, but it was always business and never personal. So why did his stomach clench and get knotted up every time he looked at her or when she smiled and waved hello to him? It is both an uncomfortable and pleasurable feeling if you could believe that.

After months of admiring her from afar and hoping she wouldn’t notice he finally realized he was in love with her. She made him shudder and tremble every time she came into his office to discuss their mutual client, her face reminded him of an angel, it really did as cliché as it may sound. She had flawless white skin which she kept bare of makeup except for the pale pink lipstick she often wore. Her blond curly hair fell to her shoulders and her laugh always sent chills down his spine. Nate loved this woman in silence and at times he didn’t know whether he would lose his mind as he lay in bed thinking of her and wondering what her body would feel like pressed against his.  Was this love or lust?

Why did she have this effect on him? Why did he feel like calling her on a pretext just to hear her voice after hours or perhaps text her with some stupid question just to feel connected to her? And why, if he was happily married, did this woman who every man wanted and desired affect his whole being? He both hated and liked the feeling of weakness when she was near him, the feeling of desperation when his heartbeat pounded against his chest and when his stomach muscles clenched tightly?  The mere thought of her made him sweat and tremble and he didn’t know what to do.

The worse part was trying to hide his feelings and trying not to let on he had feelings for her. How would Nate keep his cool if he could not control the way his body reacted to her? What was he to do? Why did this woman haunt him so?



3 thoughts on “Unrequited Love”

  1. Nasser said:

    Very intense…
    I think I know someone in a similar situation…..

  2. Nasser said:


    • I have no control of my writing..whatever strikes my fancy gets written. Sometimes it’s scary having all these ideas fighting to get on paper.LOL

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