Short Romance Story

My shortest romance story…here goes:

Man meets woman. Falls in love and marries.
Man and woman madly in love and buy house.
Man is happy, makes good money, saves for future.
Man saves lots of money.
Woman is happy with man, still in love.
Man and woman now married 6 years, still in love, no kids.
Man works too much. Goes to lots of meetings. Lots of late nights.
Woman tired of working, cleaning and going to school.
Man too demanding. House not clean enough, woman spends too much.
Woman keeps her own money. Let man spend his.
Man has affair.
Woman finds out.
Man lies.
Woman hates liars, burns his clothes in backyard.
Man tries to lie again.
Woman tells him to pack his 2 shirts and 1 sneaker and leave.
Man won’t leave.
Woman finds out he’s still cheating.
Woman empties man’s bank account.
Man wants money back and hit’s woman on the back of her head.
Woman hits man with frying pan when he’s asleep.
Man tries to sue woman.
Man loses.
Woman gets half of man’s retirement and 40lk plan.
Woman leaves man and is glad they had no kids.
Man tries to get woman back.
Man wants his money back.
Woman laughs, takes the dog and fish bowl and buys a condo.
Man goes to mistress house.
Mistress is happy with man.
Man is poor.
Mistress throws man out after 2 weeks because he keeps talking about woman.
Woman happy.
The End.


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