Blood Bath

In the blink of an eye my life changed drastically and it finally hit me it wasn’t a dream. I tried in vain to wake myself up from this nightmare and couldn’t succeed because this was for real, this was not a dream and I can’t for the life of me figure out what happened.  Did I black out? Was I drugged and set up? How the hell did I end up in this apartment and where the hell am I?  My heart is pounding against my chest so hard it hurts when I breathe and my stomach muscles are clenched in fear as I try to figure out where I am,  for some reason I get that nervous feeling you get when you go to a job interview and I feel like I need to use the bathroom but why now?

There’s blood all over my clothes, my hands and the once off-white rug on the floor in this pristine living room has a trail of blood leading down to an open door but I can’t tell where it leads since the lights are off in that room.  I check myself and find no cuts, no stab wounds or bullet holes anywhere on my body proving the blood is not mine.  I’m so afraid to move from the couch where I am sitting but I have to do something, I can’t just sit here waiting for what? After getting up I feel dizzy and fall back on the couch as my legs fail to support my weight. Whew, that felt odd and my mouth feels dry and the urge for a cold drink of water forces me to get up once again. This time I slowly push myself off the couch and after waiting a few seconds before taking a step I feel like I can walk and try to find myself a drink of water. Which way is the kitchen? How did I get here and whose place is this? The view from the large window in the living room faces a river and I think that’s the Brooklyn Bridge I see across the way so I must be on a high floor to be able to see over the few rooftops.  My head begins to ache and as I touch the back of my head I wince in pain when I touch what feels like a lump. I guess this means I was knocked out unless I have a tumor I never noticed before. No time for humor I need to get myself out of here fast but first I need to find a purse, cell phone anything that belongs to me, I can’t just leave here and not know what happened.  My God, my head begins to pound and my ears are ringing the ache gets stronger and I begin to see spots in front of my eyes. Damn, I hope I don’t pass out. I can’t pass out now I have to go home; I think I know where home is. Do I?

 Ok enough of this, I have to breathe and relax. I begin to walk slowly towards the open door and try not to step on the trail of blood as I teeter closer to the threshold.  I stop in front of the doorway and feel around the wall with my hand in search of a switch but hesitate before flicking it on. After my eyes adjust to the light, they open in horror at all the blood on the floor, the walls, the sink, and on the shower curtain which is closed all the way blocking what’s behind in the tub.  My feet will not move forward and I can’t stop trembling and swallow hard fighting the urge to throw up right then and there. Do I turn back and leave without finding out what’s behind the shower curtain? Will I be able to look? Do I want to know? The room begins to spin and I lean against the door jamb for support and begin to breathe in and out trying to calm my nerves because I do not want to pass out, I can’t pass out now. After counting to ten I manage to make my feet move closer to the bathtub and a chill goes through my spine as my fingertips touch the vinyl opaque shower curtain. My fingers close around the edge but my hand will not move the curtain aside because I am not ready to see what’s behind the bloody curtain. My knees wobble, my throat constricts and as I feel the bile rise up I close my eyes and hold my breath and swallow in hopes of composing myself long enough to move the curtain aside.  I don’t know how long I stood there with my eyes closed but the sound of sirens coming from the living room window snapped me back to attention. 

Are those police sirens or fire trucks? With my luck the police are on their way here and I will be arrested without knowing what I did and to whom. The thought gave me the courage to grip the damn shower curtain and I impatiently pushed it aside exposing what was behind and the horror I was faced with was nothing I could ever imagine. The ringing in my ears got louder the spots in front of my eyes were dancing like crazy and as the room began to spin in front of me all I could do was cling to the shower curtain but the grip I had on it was so strong there was a loud crash as the curtain complete with plastic shower rod came tumbling down shaking me into attention.  Right there in front of me was the most horrific scene I have ever seen in my entire life ……


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