Three words that scare men away….

I love you.

Why do guys run away when you say I love???

As soon as you tell a man you love him, they run towards the hills like a bat out of hell. Why is that?  After saying I love you to the man she has  been seeing for over 4 years, he looked like a deer caught in the headlights, what’s up with that?  She wasn’t telling him she loved him, really she wasn’t,  she was repeating the line from a movie with Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman where she tells the guy I love you. So she imitated the line and repeated it just because. The poor bastard freaked out as they were lying in bed watching this chick flick together and he really panicked. Can you say, perplexed look on his face?

It seems the words “I love you” is to men what kryptonite is to Superman. It turns them into a weak, unthinking blubbering fool who needs to find the nearest exit to escape and destroys them.  I have a hunch after watching the movie Fatal Attraction with Glenn Close and Michael Douglas men have become extremely afraid of any woman who tells them “I love you”.  Oh I forgot to mention these words are totally deadly when said to a married man by his mistress.

Attention all mistresses: if your man displays any signs listed on this post, it is time to cut him loose for he is toying with you and does not intend on leaving his wife.  Did I mention before this post that most of my material is based on conversations I had with a very close friend who happens to be dating a married man?  I just want to make it clear I do research for my writing material and I don’t always just write what comes out of my bleep…! Well ladies, someone had to post this and you know me, if it smells like a story, I’m writing about it.  So my close friend whom I shall name Madame X mistakenly said these words to her beau, I mean lover, and now she hasn’t heard from him since their last tryst. Is this a hint? Did he really run towards the hills? And can someone please  tell me what the hell is over those damn hills?

Perhaps I shouldn’t categorize all men from running away from the “L” word since there are so many out there who eagerly await for their honey to say them, I should state that from the stories I have heard the men who run towards the hills or to their suburban neighborhoods are those afraid they may need to reciprocate when their mistresses or lady-love say the words because they now feel they need to repeat them when they themselves are not ready.

What is wrong with you people!?  If you love each other, married or not, say the damn words and stop acting like it’s kryptonite for life is short and as I keep saying….when you’re in that rocking chair at Sunnyside Retirement Homes, do you want to think as you’re drooling on your Mickey Mouse shirt, “why didn’t I say I love you”’ or do you want to say “Damn, I lived a great life! Alzheimer’s kiss my ASSteroid! ?


Life is good, we need to live, laugh, love and drink lots of red wine…it’s good for ya!




1 thought on “Three words that scare men away….”

  1. excerpt from Amiri Baraka “In Memory Of Radio”,

    ‘& love is an evil word.
    Turn it backwards/see, see what I mean?
    An evol word. & besides
    who understands it?
    I certainly wouldn’t like to go out on that kind of limb.’

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