The Tantalizing Temptress

 She was not a temptress, not at all. She did not know the effect she had on men, nor the power she could have over them if she so wished it. Serena was the type of woman every man wanted and most women envied. Men wanted her because she was genuine, honest, humble and beautiful. Women envied her because she didn’t have to do a thing and men desired her. They hated the fact that Serena did not try to get men’s attention yet she got it. They wore revealing sexy clothes, flirted, acted coquettish and men didn’t react to them the way they did towards Serena.

Temptress? Not even close. No, she was just a woman oblivious to the looks of longing or the lust the men tried to contain fearing they would offend her. Serena could make a man’s heart skip a beat by smiling, innocently touching their arm or just by being within close proximity to them. Why would any woman feel threatened by her? Why should they envy someone who didn’t even try to compete with them? Because they wanted to be her. They wanted to have the power to seduce and stir emotions in a man by a look, a touch, a smile or just by existing. To tantalize a man without even trying was more than they wished they could do for they envied and wanted and tried to no avail to compete without realizing Serena was no competition at all. She did not feel above them, nor better than them, she did not even compare herself to them because her confidence was what made her who she was.

Confidence! Instead of trying to be what they are not, they should be who they are and the Serena’s of the world would not even factor into the equation. Instead of dressing the part, or half dressing, wearing the war paint called make up and giggling foolishly at the stupid jokes to make themselves part of the crowd, why not do as Serena does and BE the confident woman they can be and perhaps then, men would want them as well instead of talking about them as the easy prey they make themselves into?

So who are you? The Serena’s of the world or the ‘wannabe’s’ always trying to get what you can’t get by being yourself?








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