SEPTEMBER 11, 2012

Every year society likes to remind us to “never forget“. This reminder perhaps is for those who did not lose a family member or neighbor or anyone close to them. This reminder I feel makes no sense since those of us who lost someone or who knows of someone who lost a loved one on 9/11 will NEVER FORGET, because they do not need a special day to be reminded.  Every day will be a constant reminder that their loved one is no longer with them so why does society feel they need to put up banners, signs and commercials stating…”NEVER FORGET”?

In today’s world we are too busy worrying about what, when and how when we should focus more on “how to move on”!

Stop the senseless overdone advertisement about 9/11….unless you were there, you lost someone, you have nightmares, you feel despair…………………the words you write on paper will never measure up to the actual feelings some us went through when we experienced the despair of not knowing how to get home, of not knowing where our family members were and of not knowing the finality of our pain or angst of waiting to hear if our loved ones survived.

We don’t need banners anymore. We don’t need reminders anymore, for we ALWAYS will remember the pain and the terrible loss of that fateful day 11 years ago on September 11th.

Let us deal with our losses in our own way… has a way of helping us heal.




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