My thoughts on allowances for chores

What parent would ever invent giving your kids allowances for chores? Let’s get serious here, in today’s economy who the ‘hay’ can afford to pay their kids allowances for doing the things we did when we were growing up without getting a cent?

Did I get paid for ironing, cooking, cleaning and doing the laundry? Of course I didn’t because back in the days ( I sound like my mother now) the word allowance didn’t exist. Well actually it did because my parents allowed me to live with them while they fed, clothed and forced child labor on me at an early age. But that was ‘allowed’ back then, you HAD to clean your room, you HAD to sweep and mop the floor, you HAD to wash the dishes and learn to cook at the tender age of 7 (yes, the Latin community believed in child labor at that early age and it was called raising responsible kids).

Today my kids are asking what they can do around the house to make money. I tell them to ‘get a job’. They’re lucky there’s a law against sending them to work by the age of 9 because I was ready to put a suit and tie on both my boys at that age in order to grow my retirement fund.

Allowances for chores…what will be next? An allowance for being their parent? I’ll show you an allowance, close your eyes and what do you see? Really? Nothing you say? Well that’s your allowance!

Ain’t life grand?


5 thoughts on “My thoughts on allowances for chores”

  1. LINDA said:

    Love it. I agree but it’s not a Latin thing – well maybe it is and an East Tennessee fromt he foothills of the Smokeys thing!

    • LOL, welcome to my Writing Realm and thanks for the comments! I enjoy reading comments, makes me feel like an actress waiting for the critics to rip me apart or make my career!

  2. Talicia said:

    OMG you are so funny, but this is true. I think my parents started giving us allowence for a little while but it stopped. It wasn’t something that we felt entitled to we were just happy when we did get it.

  3. Love it… I feel the same way towards allowance. It must be a Latin thing. How about they pay US for feeding, clothing and taking care of them when they’re sick…

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