Ice Hockey Moms

What defines an Ice Hockey Mom?

It is not the woman dressed from head to toe in team colors and gear. It is not the woman yelling, “get him John!”, “use your body!”, “go after him!”, “don’t let him get away with that!”, “hit him!” It is also not the one yelling at the referee, “what game are you watching?”, “are you blind?”, “you’re not going to call that?”, “that’s offside you jerk!”, “there are two teams on the ice you idiot!” Nor is it the one trying to become President and calling herself a Hockey Mom…hello, I can’t even read a damn book with all the games and practices how the heck are you going to run a State if I can’t even run my household routine?  Nope these do not an ice hockey mom make.

Let me tell you my definition of an Ice Hockey Mom:

It is the one who doesn’t know what the hell is going on but cheers on the team.

It is the one who runs home after working a full-time job, changes from summer clothes to winter clothes in twenty seconds flat.

It is the one who sits in those cold ass bleachers shivering and shaking because her kid wants to show off for her and you know he will ask if she watched him.

It is the one who cringes and hopes the kid who was slammed into the board is alright, even if he is on the other team.

It is the one who on a Friday night at 9:00pm is drinking a watered down no-flavor rink hot chocolate and wishing she were home drinking a glass of wine.

It is the one who sits yawning and looking up from her book or magazine as the kids practice their drills so she can say without lying that she was watching.

It is the one who wishes her spouse or significant other didn’t switch nights with her because she had plans to wash her hair and watch the Lifetime channel.

It is the one who wishes her kid could ride home tied to the trunk or the hood of the car because after the game or practice he smells worse than a dead dog, homeless person or rotting corpse and now she has to drive with the window open and it’s thirty degrees outside.

It is the one who called the penalty box the ‘time out” box because she is still trying to learn the rules of the game.

It is the one who keeps encouraging and giving her kids advice even though she doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

I guess I can say I am one of these ice hockey moms since I am sitting at the rink on a Friday night with frozen toes, running nose, two pair of tights under my jeans, two shirts and a heavy winter coat while drinking my water and eating oreo cookies. Yep, this is me and as I write this post for my blog I have to keep looking up so my son can see I am watching him during practice since I know he will ask me if I was watching. I don’t mind being the ice hockey mom with limited knowledge of the game and rules since for me knowing my kid will not be visiting the emergency room tonight is reward enough.  And I had my share of emergency room visits!

In conclusion I wish to say that ice hockey moms have it tough as I’m sure other sports mom do too so “here’s to you sports moms!”




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