You found a grey hair where?!!

Welcome back to the ladies room. I asked my readers for suggested topics and I got it! I will keep my sources anonymous on this one but I’m sure lots of ladies out there can relate to this one.

So what do we do when our grey hairs keep popping out like weed? I for one have been keeping Clairol in business for the past few years covering my greys as often as every 2 weeks…hmm, maybe I should make that 4 weeks before I go bald. Either way, I can’t continue to call my grey hairs ‘highlights’ since when you’re dark-haired it’s obvious they are grey. Again I get off the topic and begin writing about me when this is supposed to be about what my readers want……here goes:

It was suggested for me to write about finding a grey hair in the most unmentionable part of our bodies. Yes ladies, THAT part of our bodies as in our coochie or vajajay or dark forest or ‘where no man has ever gone before’ for those in a dormant stage or whatever it is you call it. I can’t speak for myself but if I were to speak from experience it would be something like this: It was a dark and stormy night…oh sorry, wrong story…ok, ok at the risk of exposing myself I will admit it was “shocking” to find out you can actually get a grey hair down under.

Yes! Down under as in your private part NOT Australia! So here’s what happened, I’m feeling clean and fresh after a shower and getting ready to wear a nice pair of sexy undies and then I see this white string which I figured was a fiber from the towel and as I yank at it “YIKES”!  I see stars, and maybe stripes, then a tear formed in my eye (because I did yank) and I was like….what? are you kidding me? is that? could it be? No f-ing way! Then I get the mirror…yes I did! I HAD to and I never do the mirror thing because I really don’t want to look at all the accessories down there and what the hell!  It was a grey hair and it was THERE!

Now I’m freaking out because I know I am getting up there in age being ‘forty-something’ but hello, grey? down there? WHO KNEW!  So now I get on the phone to call my mom…yes, my grown-ass had to call mom because who else could I ask about such a shocking thing but mom? I dialed “Mom-911” and she confirms to me that yes it happens and it gets worse!  What do you mean more will come? Is this a party or something? Should they call and ask before showing up? So Mom says, I would find them in my eyebrows (yes I have) and eventually Miss Coochie will be old and grey.  Wow! I didn’t need to know that.

Where was I? Yeah, so if you find, or found a grey hair down there…..either pluck it, shave it,or pull it off but you will soon see more.

I don’t know if my source who suggested this topic will feel I did justice to it but I wrote it like I lived it and I hope with a little humor you won’t be as depressed as I was to find that white hair where it shouldn’t be, down there!

Life is good,



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