Wardrobe malfunction? (for women only!)

LOL, there’s nothing worse than not finding a pair of pantyhose when you need them the most (or so I thought), especially when you know you only wore them once and miraculously you didn’t get a run in them and now can wear them again.  Well, how this happened still baffles me. I turned every drawer inside out looking for a pair of these ‘torture contraption’, because we know the control top pantyhose are made to torture us and not control the top…who invented this anyway? Must have been some man! 

Anyways, so after giving up and wearing a pair of tights (ugh! so constricting) I think I’m looking all cute and well put together and go about my business with my warm winter slacks and comfy turtleneck (which by the way should be renamed torture-neck since some are far too tight to be wrapped around our necks) so here I am waiting to get on a bus to go to New York City in the cold, shivering, among other commuters. As the bus approaches and I follow the herd to board the bus I feel as if stepped on something and it’s hanging off my shoe.  To my embarrassment, this thing I stepped on was none other than those damn pantyhose I couldn’t find anywhere in the house hanging out of my pant leg!

How the HECK did I put on my slacks and not feel those darn things as I slipped my leg into them? And why were they now making an appearance as I am trying to get on a crowded bus to Port Authority?  It did get worse…thankfully New York commuters take a nap on the bus and I was able to try to pull the peaking pantyhose up my leg enough to keep it from dragging. So in my panic I decide to keep pulling up (thankfully no one thought I was a perv!) the pantyhose as far as I could in order to hang on to  them as I walked ever so slowly to the Port Authority bathroom.  I was so embarrassed and upset, I didn’t care if I could get another use out them, I threw that pair away and didn’t care that they were the  Legg’s sheer energy leg support brand…They were sheer energy alright…sucked the energy out of me trying to hide and dispose of them.

And to think this happened twice to me!!!



2 thoughts on “Wardrobe malfunction? (for women only!)”

  1. And you my dear, cracked me up with this. How many times has something like this happened to all of us! Usually it is something even more embarassing that I have stuck on me 🙂

    • LOL, I have a feeling I know exactly what you mean….ahem, good thing I do my laundry for I have found some unmentionable items in my wash which I have absently forgotten to discard…..LOL, those damn, liners!!!!!

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