The Haircut…..hello, yes I cut my hair!!!

LOL, well I am sure I wrote about this topic in this blog somewhere but sadly I must do so yet again. Now I left work on a Friday and took Monday off for personal reasons…Ok, Ok so I took the day off to attend a ‘volunteer’ meeting. Who does that? Take a vacation day to attend a meeting for volunteers from 9am to 12:30?  That would be me. Don’t get me started because I have another blog stirring about volunteer work. Now I take my carcass to the hairdressers on Saturday for a much-needed haircut since it is time to rejuvenate myself because I am going to be ‘forty-something’ AGAIN next month.

After a three-day weekend of feeling FANTABULOUS with my gorgeous new ‘do’, I was feeling younger, energetic and full of life…oh, sorry, for a minute there I thought I was on one of those One A Day vitamins commericals..I really was feeling younger, that part was true. Well now, why is it you leave the hairdressers with your new short hair flying around and bouncing in the wind (oh scratch that, it was raining, hot, humid and foggy so I ran to the car after my hair was done) Where was I? Oh yeah, so I find my hair is so sassy and nice, that is until it’s time to do it myself.  Ahh, why does it look shorter and not as easily manageable when I had to do it? Why couldn’t my hairdresser move in with me until I get the hang of the new way of drying and curling and making it look great with little effort? Perhaps I should continue with what I originally intended on writing about.

So now I am back at work and I get the usual compliments how nice it looks, your haircut looks great, wow, you look younger (my favorite compliment) and when I get the question that is on my ‘pet peeve list’ I’m like…”Really? did you really ask me that?”  I always get the question from someone who goes like this, “Did you cut your hair?” Really now? Ahh, when I left on Friday my hair was almost to my bra strap, when I came to work it’s up to my chin!  Trying not to be rude, I had to bite my tongue when I wanted to respond, ‘no I didn’t, I just combed it differently’ but that would have been rude, so I had to shake my head and say yes and wait for the ‘oh it looks cute’ comment.  Cute? Did they say cute? Come on now, puppies are cute! Babies are cute! Payless BOGO shoes are cute!  I was going for ‘sexy’, ‘hot’ ‘fabulous’…but cute? Alright, let me stop before I am labeled as a selfish critical, ungrateful short-haired forty-something.  But WHY? Why ask if someone cut their hair when it is so obvious!?!

Whew! So glad I don’t have my own talk show because I really don’t think many of you would appreciate my facial expressions as I think of the “why ask why”?   So I say, Yes! I did cut my hair and yes you know so too so why ask the dumbest question and make yourself look….ahh what is the word I am looking for?   I better not answer that one.

Life continues to be good and full of adventure. It is just like the Army except I am not doing that much traveling!



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