Winter Trauma Land

That is exactly what driving in New Jersey has become in the past few weeks, a winter ‘trauma’ land with all the snow, sleet, ice and let’s not forget ‘potholes’. What is going on with all the freaking snow we have been getting since like December?  I am so over this white powdery substance I no longer carry my camera like a tourist clicking away capturing what I referred to as picture perfect memories. The picture taking has stopped since it all looks the same…white!

Driving home during the last snow storm was so traumatic I still walk around tensed and with my knuckles clenched as if I’m gripping the steering wheel. My pet peeve while I’m driving like Morgan Freedman in that movie “Driving Miss Daisy”, are those idiots driving faster than I am on the road, and I’m on the slow lane mind you. Where are they rushing to like a bat out of hell? I am so not the aggressive driver especially during a snow storm.

The weather outside continues to be frightful (and for those of you wondering, I’m up in the mountains somewhere in New Jersey) and the weather man continues to warn us of more doom and gloom known as ‘snow storms’. We are literally running out of room to pile the snow and if our mailman keeps leaving us notes about the area around the mailbox not being cleared, I am leaving him a special delivery known as cat turd. What is his problem? Has he not seen our house will soon be hidden by boulders of snow? Can he not cut us a break and put our mail in a sandwich baggy and toss it on the driveway?

Seriously, I am so over the snow I don’t even use ice cubes for my beverages! Why put ice chips or cubes in your drink when all you have to do is look out the window and begin to shiver? Ice is overrated and not needed by me, not this winter. And why do people run to the market to get milk, bread and eggs every time there’s a winter storm watch? Why bread, milk and eggs? What happened to the meat and potatoes and rice and beans? Personally I make sure I get the wine, chocolate and more wine, these are the items you would find in my snow storm survival kit.  This reminds me, there’s another snow storm alert coming our way sometime next week, time to replenish my survival kit. Don’t worry, I took care of the family…I stocked up on microwaveable macaroni and cheese, frozen pizza and plenty of water.

Let it snow, let it snow….let it snow!


2 thoughts on “Winter Trauma Land”

  1. Iliana Abaunza said:

    Too funny, Ev! By the way you are right! I never understood why Jersey people have to go to the market every time there is a snowstorm. They should go to Florida and experience the Hurricanes and then there is a true reason to go to the market.

    • Hey Ilie! Glad you found your way back to my blog. Thanks for the comments. I do agree and still wonder why I have to wait on line for over an hour at the market just to pay for my Dorito chips, french vanilla coffee milk and sharp cheddar cheese with ritz crackers. Everyone else is stocking up on milk, bread and eggs and I’m just standing there with a half empty basket. No wonder America has such high cholesterol, it’s all those eggs they keep buying at the thought of another storm.

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