The meaning of “Thanksgiving” according to Eve:

What does “Thanksgiving” mean? What are we really celebrating on this one day in November which happens to be on a Thursday? Why not a Friday for those of us who have to work the day after?
Well fasten your seatbelts because here’s another installment of Eve’s Writing Realm….
The meaning of “Thanksgiving” according to Eve:
To others this holiday is full of planning, shopping, cleaning, over spending and fighting over whose house you’ll be going to. To me, this holiday is totally overrated since I feel every day should be a day of ‘thanks’ and not once a year when we gather around relatives and friends we scarcely speak to or call during the year. Now here we are making nice chit-chat while drinking someone else’s liquor and waiting to eat some hopefully juicy and not dried turkey. 
Which brings me back to the meaning of Thanksgiving according to moi…
– Stressing over how big a turkey I should get (is 20 pounds too much or not? Will it fit in the oven? Is the roasting pan big enough?)
– Spending hours on the internet looking for a turkey recipe the MORNING the stupid turkey should be in the oven!
– Wondering why everyone and their mothers must go together to shop for turkey fixings…really? you had to bring a baby to the market?
– Still puzzled over why cranberry sauce is so freaking popular on Thanksgiving day and any other day you can’t even give it away for free (and what type do I get!? Jellied? Whole cranberries? The store brand or Ocean Spray brand? What the hell…I don’t even eat the thing and end up buying too much and throwing those cans away ten months later)
– Overbuying bread because I wanted to bake the Pillsbury crescent rolls but the darn turkey was too big and now I can’t bake them. So I settle for the already made buns,  slapping butter on them, do a quick microwave trick to make it look like I baked them (which doesn’t work because they’re all the same exact size!)
– Trying to figure out if potato salad, macaroni salad, tossed salad and green bean salad is far too many salads to serve.
– Praying that my rice doesn’t burn, doesn’t take long to cook and doesn’t end up sticking together like mashed potatoes.
– Trying to keep my patience when Mr. Eve begins giving me advice on how to do this or that and watching every move I make…seriously, Chef Ramsey he is not and if he keeps coming in to inspect my progress I will shut it down Donkey! (this is from Hell’s Kitchen for those of you wondering)
– Hating the fact that everyone takes leftovers yet my refrigerator has enough turkey etc to last a week!
– Not happy when my sister-in-law brings in my favorite “rainbow cookies” and I forget to hide them and everyone else gets to eat them (sorry, I just love those cookies!)
– Wondering why I have to bother to clean, sweep, mop, and dust when it’s only going to get dirty once everyone arrives.
– Wishing everyone would stop telling me to sit and eat or sit and relax when all I did while cooking was eat, drink, eat some more, get on the internet looking for recipes and I am too wired to sit and relax because I’m counting the hours for everyone to leave so I can “CLEAN” again!
– Wondering if my coworkers really care how my Thanksgiving was. I feel people should just go on about their business the next day and not worry how my Thanksgiving went because I really don’t think they want to hear my complaints.
So if you’re having a traditional Thanksgiving with your family and can’t wait to begin all the planning and running around well more power to you. I for one will be happy with an order of Chinese food, wine and a bag of Dove milk chocolates as I watch some sappy movie on Demand.
Perhaps if we really focus on giving ‘thanks’ and maybe giving away those free turkeys we can’t wait to get with our supermarket club cards to someone less fortunate, then Thanksgiving would really mean something other than the obligatory celebrations we’re accustomed to hosting.
To show I’m not such a humbug may everyone have a Happy Thanksgiving and hopefully not a stressful one!
Life is good,

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