The agony of the feet!

The title of this blog does not have a typo. It is the “agony of the feet” and not “the agony of defeat” as Jim McKay used to say during the start of the Olympic Games. I could be wrong, perhaps it was the announcer and not McKay. Either way, I will make this one short since I felt compelled to write it.

This really should be filed under my “Ladies Room” tab since we can relate to this.  You know how we find the perfect pair of shoes which we MUST have even though the heel is like 8 inches high and we can barely walk on 2-inch heels? Well that’s what happened with me. I fell in love with a pair of fantabulous shoes with the pretty straps, sequence, beads and gold, yes GOLD heels, which I would NEVER buy such a pair but they had my name written all over those killer heels. My ex-coworkers know exactly which shoes I’m talking about because I modeled those bad boys before starting my new job. So these Hooker shoes, as I lovingly refer to them because of the gold “I-can’t-drive-or-walk-outside-the-office-with-them-heelsare like the sexiest and bestest shoes I’ve ever owned (this is a lie, I did have another pair of “I am woman hear me roar heels”) and I noticed every time I wore them my feet used to ache and hurt at nights. When did this happen? I wore high heels every day…back in the days.

Did I heed the warning and stop wearing them? Ah, no! I needed to get my money’s worth, I had to wear them before the cold weather arrived and before starting my new job where I would have to wear white flat shoes. I wore them with slacks, I wore them with skirts, I wore them to take the garbage down to the garage, to get the mail and maybe I wore them to make dinner one day. Back to the feet.  When my feet began to retaliate by throbbing and now my bunions were aching as if being hammered to the point where I had to soak and massage them I was forced to wear flats for two days. The only time I wear flats are when doing my volunteer work at the nursing home since I do a lot of walking, this meant I was in ‘pain’.

The pain on my feet was now on day four and I was beginning to worry because I still had another four or five times to wear these killer shoes. And wear them I did with aching bunions, toes and heels..Yes even my heels were hurting. On day six, I had to re-evaluate the shoe wearing situation and opted to wear my lower “looking-like-grandma” heels. The agony of the feet continued on for another three days which by the way was of no help to me because I ended up wearing them two more times and this time it was two days in a row and I forced myself to drive with them. If I was going to put my feet through that agony again, I decided to go all the way.

If we can endure childbirth, we can endure the ‘agony of the feet’!

The things we do for fashion!




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