Room Service!

I’m sure I’ve written about this topic before but here I am again in a hotel room at yet another ice hockey tournament and after doing my usual inspection of bed sheets, sanitizing the bathroom, unpacking and locating the nearest exits I take a break to refresh myself.   Hmmm, then my eyes go from my ‘must read’ gossip magazine to the contraption sitting on the counter known as the ‘coffee pot”.  Seriously? Is there a reason anyone would want their coffee maker in the bathroom? Isn’t there some kind of hygienic code that advises against making your coffee while you’re ahem, taking care of business? Do I need to decide between decaf or regular as I’m ahem, straining to make room for dessert? 

Sorry readers, I did say I write about anything and everything that pops into my mind in this here blog……

I rarely leave comments about my stay at hotels but I think I will have to cave in and fill out that short survey  this time around and suggest they find another place to house the coffee maker. I certainly will not enjoy a cup of Joe after that room has been used… you? And for those of you thinking it’s safer and less of a fire hazard if kept in the bathroom, I don’t buy that. If you can have a freaking microwave on top of the dresser, you can have a darn coffee maker on it too.  For God’s sake people, the room is a ‘crapper’, not a cafe…what’s next, docking stations for your laptops?

Life is good….it’s even better with the coffee maker in a less frequented room….



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