Potholes from hell……

Jeepers, what is it with snow and potholes? Seems every where I drive there’s a pothole or crater or  ‘black hole’, the roads are no longer safe for driving I say! For instance, those of us unfortunate enough driving along route 46 West in New Jersey are doomed to run into one those craters disguising themselves as potholes. Who the heck named them potholes anyways? Most of these holes are so deep they qualify as craters if not ‘the abyss’!!

So I’m getting so familiar with the real bad ones but driving home from work at nights has become a hellish ride. I feel sorry for the motorist driving behind me, they must think I’m a drunk driver the way I’m swerving all over the road trying to avoid those darn potholes. It’s gotten to the point that I’m even swerving at what I think are potholes but are really shadows or wet spots.  Heck, I swerved at the sight of a Burger King bag, I swear that was a pothole camouflaging itself but it didn’t fool me. Then there’s that huge ass crater that is waiting for that car that doesn’t know it’s there.  Well I know it’s there and let me tell you, I make sure I change lanes way before I get close to that crater from mars. If my tin can of a car goes over that 20 foot deep pothole, I won’t be losing my axle…I will lose my hood, engine, trunk, tires, breaks and I know I will also lose a kidney! Yep, that bad boy is located on route 46 East in New Jersey around a street called Baldwin.

I am curious, when does the city decide to fill these bad boys in? Do they wait until spring? or until a cop car loses a tire or two? Really, when do they make it safe for us motorist to drive in a straight line instead of a zig zag the way I drive? Boy, I don’t think I have enough active brain cells to remember everything I need to avoid on the roads…I’m talking about avoiding ice, potholes, deer and let’s not even mention those stupid squirrel who I feel sorry to trample over but I just can’t stop to avoid them. They should know better when they spot their friends flattened on the road.

Potholes and manholes, how sad is this? After swerving like a dizzy woman over so many potholes, I had to swerve over a few manholes who sadly are so deep in the street they fall under the pothole category. Who was the smart character who lined up so many manholes so near to each other?! I ran over and swerved over so many I almost lost it when I spotted a manhole on top of another manhole (that’s another story!).

Potholes and manholes and ice….can I get a break here!



3 thoughts on “Potholes from hell……”

  1. Christine Allen said:

    Hilarious but oh so true

    • Thanks for visiting my blog..’mommy’. Thank goodness for Sega and Atari (I’m dating myself) all those race car video games came in handy when avoiding all those potholes.

  2. Girl, these craters are everywhere… At this point I’ve trained myself to know exactly which streets/roads to avoid and which are safe to take. I even try to avoid night driving. 😦

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