Mother of the Year Award….Not this time!

Talk about my kids making feel like the worse Mom ever..Hello, when I tell my kids what happens at home, stays at home..that’s exactly what I mean. So why then, did my son feel the need to tell the school nurse NOT to call me because I wouldn’t leave work to pick him up? OMG, why don’t he call DYFS on me while he’s at it?

Well here’s the scoop. For a week now my little one (well at thirteen he’s not so little) so he’s been feeling under the weather with the sneezing and blowing nose and whatever else I forget he had, and I’m here thinking, hell if you’re an ice hockey player you can suck it up. He’s been going to school and yes, I sent his ASSteroid to ice hockey practice because it was the only way I would have the house all to myself. Now he’s been heaving and hacking and being Dr. Mom I’m guessing it’s allergies or some other non-life threatening ailment. Then here comes Friday, the day before a big 3-day weekend and he’s still hacking and telling me he can’t go to gym because he’s not feeling it. I’ve been out of school for centuries but how much of a workout do they do at gym nowadays? I sent him packing off to school with a “make good choices honey and hang in there it’s Friday and you’ll be on a three-day weekend soon”.

Did I expect a phone call from the school nurse? I think not! And why did her message have to say the day before he went to the nurse complaining about breathing, headache, mucus and who knows what else!?! Now I’m feeling guilty at what she is saying how my son is not feeling well, he looks tired and pitiful (yes she said pitiful) and he may have a sinus infection judging by his symptoms. Dang, now I’m feeling like a bad mom at sending his sorry carcass to school.  Hey, my motto is, unless you’re coughing up blood, your intestines are hanging out of your stomach or you have a fever of 200 degrees or more, you can go to school. To think here I was giving him over the counter medicine, making tea with lemon and even doing the old spanish thing of rubbing Vick’s on his chest and telling him to suck on a couple of cough drops. Does that make me a bad Mom? I think NOT!!  At least I tried to make him better with my home remedies.

Well, it only took 2 and a half glasses of wine to suppress my guilt after the doctor confirmed that yes he had allergies and a sinus infection which was getting to the ‘bad stages’…WTF?  Bad stages as in what? Now a few dollars and a copay later, I have the poor kid on some Nasonex, and whatever else starts with a ‘C’ which I can’t pronounce and he said if he gets worse add some Sudafed (which he isn’t a fan of, so why recommend it?) and/or Zyrtex and Claritin. Ahhh, doesn’t all that crapola take care of sinus infections as well?

Now I’m Nurse Eve or Dr. Eve trying to get the little guy back to normal since I feel like the worse Mom in the universe. Heck, you live and learn and since every freaking disease out there share the same symptoms…WHO KNEW?….I guess I better go back to researching WebMD but every time I do that I think everything I read on that damn site is something I have.

Needless to say, my little guy will live. I will make sure he takes those blue pills (like Neo from the Matrix) twice a day for the next ten days and hopefully he will get better.  Hmmm, I don’t recall sinus infections, allergies and all these new designer illnesses when I was growing up!

If you’re wondering, which I’m sure you’re not, I did give in due to my guilt and let him get some ice cream from the neighborhood ‘dairy place’…which killed me since all he got was a cup of chocolate ice cream with sprinkles, whip cream and nothing else for almost six bucks! Dang, I could’ve gotten a tub of ice cream for four bucks at the local supermarket…better yet, Shoprite had ice cream at two for five!!! But did I convince him NOT to have the over priced cup of ice cream? I did not since that was my redemption!

Life continues to be good,



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