Did you ever wonder why…….?

– Bald men stretch that last strand of hair around their scalp? May I ask, ‘why?’

– The minute you get married every guy wants to take you out? What? is it the ring?

– Women can’t go to the ladies room without their friends? or purse?

– Men look like deer caught in headlights when we ask, “Are you wearing that? Seriously?”

– We turn into our parents and begin our sentences, “When I was young……”

– We won’t pay nine dollars for a can of coffee but we’ll pay two dollars a cup per day?

– Celebrities begin to support a cause after they are affected by a disease?

– You will get sick if you walk in the rain but you won’t get sick when you shower? What am I missing?

– Some words have unnecessary letters? like: school, why the ‘h’? or answer, the ‘w’ is not needed, and colossal..why two ‘s’? isn’t one enough?

– People who smoke get offended when non-smokers refuse to be around ‘second hand smoke’?

Why ask why?




10 thoughts on “Did you ever wonder why…….?”

  1. and why did they take the yoo out of yooge and replace it with hu?

  2. I wish I could think of interesting things like this….my brain seems to be stuck on well…parenting stuff. Great post.

    • Thanks Terri…nothing wrong with parenting stuff. I enjoy your posts! Good thing we all have different writing styles which will keep us visiting each others post.
      Have a great holiday weekend!

  3. Nasser Beg said:

    A Wannabee writer Indeed – some wonderful work here ma’am!! Hat’s off! And that’s well meant – look forward to reading more of your pen – keep writing ma’am Cheers

    • Thank you for visiting my blog and for your comments! Will do my best to keep you coming back for more.

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