Baby Talk

Baby talk is all about women, or perhaps first time mothers who insist on referring to their kids ages in the term of months. I mean the ones who say, “my baby is 20 months” (sorry Elsa!) “oh she’s 31 months” “he’ll be 26 months in a week”   Hello? what is up with the months thing!?  When my kid turned one, I was saying he was one even when he was almost 2! I hated saying he was one and a half or 19 months. What? Did I miss that memo that I had to speak in ‘months? Or perhaps I was too lazy to monitor my calendar to see how many months had gone by to identify my baby’s age.

Hmm, do I sound like I’m complaining? I hope not. My issue with the month thing is that when I ask someone how old their baby is they would respond in months, then I would have to sit there calculating in my mind how old the child really is. Why do that to me? Please just say he or she is 1 or 2 years old. Could you imagine someone saying “oh she’s 60 months”. Really? Honestly now.  I would tell you how old I am but I was too tired to sit with pen and paper and calculate how many months I am..LOL.

I would go into my other pet peeve where women refer to their child as ‘the baby’ and meanwhile in walks a full-grown kid, almost twelve years old…Goodness, the pain of it all. Am I missing a ‘mommy gene’? Because I don’t get it, really I don’t.



2 thoughts on “Baby Talk”

  1. Well my baby is now 21 months… lol
    And I used to feel the same way, the schools are the ones forcing me to use this lingo. I’m sure I’ll stop soon, there’s no way in hell I’ll let it get to 60 months… lol

    • Well I will give you kudos for tracking his growth in months terms but you’ll eventually need to start counting years…LOL, for the love of God woman it sounds to me like he is 2 years old..just round it off!!!!

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