Tribute to a Vietnam Vet

Dear readers,


If I did this right, you will have the pleasure of reading a great article I came across on HubPages written by Sara Shepherd. I so enjoyed reading this piece and felt it had to be shared with as many readers as possible for there are so many people who fail to stop and think of all the men and women who are out their risking their lives for our freedom as we sleep, work, eat, drink, laugh and drive around enjoying our freedom. Let’s “Thank” them for allowing us to have the freedom to do these things while they pray and hope to be home soon with their families.

My prayers to all the men and women left behind with their families waiting for their loved ones to return from serving our country. Your strength and courage as you raise your children as single parents until they return is something you should be proud of. And I’m sure my sister-in-law is reading this since I appointed her my ‘unpaid’ critic, blog advisor and at times, blog promoter. May my brother and all others be safe and return home soon.

Thanks Sarah for letting me share your article on my blog!



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