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Hello Fellow Followers!

It’s been like an eternity since I took off my ‘writer’s hat’ and spoke from the heart. Ok so I’m speaking through my ASSteroid who cares!

I said it before and I’ll say it again. I don’t like to discuss religion, sex (unless it’s in my romance novels) or politics. I mean, it’s kind of tough NOT to discuss politics when our President is so eager to give EVERYONE writing material. Hmm, do I dare risk being whisked away in a black unmarked car by contributing to today’s ridiculous “War of the Words?”

Riddle me this: Why is our President acting like an ignorant school girl by Tweeting about crap instead of working on healthcare, the homeless situation, global warming (is that still an issue?), finding a cure for cancer, oh wait, why not lower the damn tolls on bridges! Lower the taxes in New Jersey AND maybe we can consider FREE medical assistance AND housing for our service men and women who have returned home missing a leg, arm or mentally incapable of living LIFE without being drug induced?

Can you say, “Thank you for serving our country and risking life and limb so that I can live without fear of being attacked while I sleep and freedom of speech and religion? Can you also say, Thank you military personnel and here’s our HEARTFELT gratitude by giving you FREE rent, medical insurance, etc for SERVING our country? No? Ah, you rather TWEET or TWAT and not acknowledge the ‘real’ issues you should be addressing.

Mr. President! It’s time for you to act like a grown up and shut down the Twitter account because frankly, it’s embarrassing. Can you say ” There’s no ‘I” in team? Can you pretend it’s not about you and look at the big picture and focus on America and not on who’s tweeting about you or who’s bleeding or who has a vajajay you haven’t grabbed? Jeepers, perhaps you need a timeout in a room by yourself to actually SEE and HEAR the news so you can see yourself as others are seeing you. I hate to talk about politics but damn, this year has become the year of the clowns!

Did I remind everyone that at times I go off on a tangent and say it like it is whether you like it or not? No? Well, if you’re a fellow follower you would be familiar with that part of my disclaimer.

Sorry Trump supporters, in the words of Frank Gallagher (from Shameless) I AM what I AM when I have to be!

Life is good when you can say ‘ What the F#@%! (Risky Business)


PS: I personally THANK every member of our military, police and fire departments for risking your lives to keep us safe and feeling protected from as I’ve heard on the media…’the bad, bad, people.”

Buy a clue…better yet, buy a vowel!!