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Memorial Day weekend.

For some this is a time of finding good bargains, buying cars, heading to the malls and plenty of online shopping.

For the young it’s all about a three-day weekend with no school, hanging out with friends, going to the shore or to grandma’s and eating hotdogs and hamburgers.

For the working guy it’s about a ‘paid’ day off, short work week, cold beer, game on the flat screen and maybe freeloading off the in-laws.

For homeowners it’s an exciting visit to Home Depot to pick up some mulch, plants, pebble rocks (which you really don’t need) getting extra fertilizer and wait, they have free hot dogs today and the grills are on sale! Don’t forget the gas tank or charcoal.

For our service men and women it’s all about remembering the fallen, being far away from home, worrying if you’ll eventually return home, giving thanks for the opportunity to serve your country among many more things you think about during this weekend. The many barbeques or cookouts we are having means a lot more to those of us with family members and friends far away from us in harm’s way, while for others it may be just another weekend to get away and unwind.

For me, it means giving thanks to all the service men and women who have given me the right to live a life where, so far, I can freely go wherever I want, worship however I wish, purchase whatever I can afford and appreciate the freedom I have. For that, I thank every service man AND woman who has served our country, is serving our country and have sacrificed a lifetime for us. May every veteran past or present be appreciated for what they’ve given us whether they’re homeless, in a nursing home, senior center, VA hospital or wherever they may be, this crazy blog writer “thanks you”.

To the younger service men and women now serving or training or waiting to be deployed “thank you”!

To the mothers and fathers and siblings of these service heroes, “thank you”!

To the elderly veterans who walk, or are wheelchair bound and proud to march in the parades, “thank you”!

To those who have perished past or present with prayers and tears, “thank you”!

To my brother and my young nephew….appreciate your sacrifices and with love, “thank you”!

Life is good when we take a minute to think of those who have sacrificed plenty for us without expecting anything in return……


PS: Don’t forget to “thank” any heroes you come across during your weekend of celebration….compared to what they’ve done for us a smile or thank you is the least we can do.

Life is good.