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Whew! I’ve been mulling over the thought of venting on yet another pet peeve.

I seldom browse around Facebook to see what my fellow FB friends are up to but once in a while, when I’m in need of new material to write about, I take a quick gander to see what the ‘social media fans’ are up to. Sometimes there are pics of cute babies, pets, family members and even strangers which makes me laugh. Other times, I’m surprised (well not really) at how personal some people get. Sometimes it’s scary just browsing through the selfies and random thoughts of those who enjoy oversharing…either way that’s not what I wanted to post about today……so here’s another of Eve’s random rambling posts:

When someone comes up to you and say “Can I ax you a question?”, what do they mean? Are they looking to ‘ax’ you with a question? Do they realize they’re not making sense? Do they know they’re using the wrong word? Perhaps they don’t remember there’s a letter ‘ S ‘ in the word ask. Perhaps I’m overreacting. People of the world, especially us older more versed and wise ones, practice saying the word “ask” and you too can sound like you didn’t need to study with Rosetta Stone. There’s no such thing as “axing someone a question” it’s aSking…for those of us needing more help, try adding the letter ‘ K ‘ to the word ASS….now the phrase “can I ASSk you a question” sounds more like you want to know something instead sounding like you want to ax someone. LOL, too funny.

Most of you know when I get a brain fart my posts could be random, funny, scary or Zzzzzz…either way consider this one as a freebie PSA. I’ll see what else I can come up with.

Life is good………just ASK Eve