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The smart shopper saves an average of one hundred dollars a week in groceries by using coupons (don’t go looking to confirm these statistics, I made them up). Well if looking to save money on your purchases from groceries, electronics to clothing, your best bet is to clip those coupons, save manufacturers coupons and spend hours filling out rebate forms. If you thought this writer was beginning to post serious shit, guess again. I’m going to get on my soapbox and roll down the hill with this one.

A reminder to my newbie followers. I write it like it is, or how I think it is not trying to offend or dismiss your opinions just a warning that there’s danger! danger! Will Robinson….oh sorry I tend to fade into the past and quote something from a TV show or movie. No worries, this only happens when the left side of my brain takes over.

Let’s get back to my Coupon Collectors Comedy Club. So I’m horrible at this coupon collecting thing. I do know how to use a pair of scissors, when I find them, and I basically can carry the coupons in my cluttered purse. Do I remember to use them? Of course I do, except when I remember I have them, they’ve expired over a month or two ago. So much for carrying small pieces of wrinkled papers in my purse. Hey, I did try to dedicate some of my precious time in learning the art of coupon collecting to the point where I invested in one of those accordion organizers. Well if you can call one dollar as an investment, then it was a dollar well spent. Not only did I forget to use my coupons before they expired, I can’t even find my damn organizer (perhaps it was a good thing the investment was one dollar!)

For some, this is an easy art/task. For others, like me, this is more of a nightmare and time waster if not done correctly. I rather drink wine and write. Okay so now at the market these ‘clans of coupon collectors’ really get on my nerves for two reasons. One, there’s always the one person with a coupon which won’t scan or isn’t used on the right product and now the cashier light is flickering waiting for the manager to show up with the override key. Ugh! Lady I’ll give you the fifty effing cents if you just tell the cashier to forget about that ONE defective coupon!!! Here’s reason number two and I think this is really why I’m anti-coupon clans…..Once the fifty or so coupons are scanned, these clan’s grocery total goes from $110.00 to about $22.00, WTF!!! Yep, that’s what gets to me. If I didn’t have a job, mortgage, car payments, writing to do or wine to drink, I too would dedicate hours of my day to cutting, clipping, saving, tagging, organizing and alphabetizing those effing coupons myself.

This post can go on and on but I prefer to stop now before I too end up as a COUPON-CLIPPING-CLUTTERING-MESS.

Life is good…….especially for the money-saving Coupon-Clans,