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Remember back in the days when WABC radio was basically THE radio station we listened to the most? Yeah, I do!

I remember waiting for the top 40 hits and the first time I heard the song “Rock the Boat”, I memorized the lyrics….well I memorized what I ‘thought’ were the lyrics. I’m sure I made up my own version of the song. The best part of being young back then was running to the record store, yes RECORD store, and buying those small round vinyl thingies called 45s. I loved collecting the yellow little round thingie called “adapters” per Mr. Ev. Wow, those were the days. Remember wanting to make your own cassette and you recorded the songs on a cassette recorder and tried your best to press the ‘stop’ button before the radio announcer’s voice interrupted your recording? LOL, damn, I swear I had mad skills every time I stopped the recorder on cue. Stop mocking me, you know you did this too! Those were the good old days when music was fun to listen to and the beats were different, original and you were able to dance to them.

Today’s music has evolved to the point where I can’t even tell who’s singing what, to whom or what the damn lyrics mean. Perhaps I’m still in tune with the oldies and trying to compare today’s music to my generation’s style isn’t fair to the new artists of the present. Either way, I prefer to listen to jazz, R&B and anything mellow enough to keep my sanity in check. Today’s loud, thumping, wailing and profanity-riddled music fails to entertain me. Well, I’ll be lying if I didn’t admit I do listen to Usher’s “Good Kisser”…yes there’s profanity and leaves little to the imagination but the beat is good and even if he’s explicit on why she’s a good kisser, I like the damn song.

Marcus Miller – great Jazz composer and Bass Guitarist…an amazing artist who I began to listen to after enjoying “Lonnie’s Lament”. Check it out if you’re a Jazz enthusiast. Walter Beasley’s “Simply Put” is another relaxing tune for easy listening on a lazy Sunday (like today). Saltwater Experience “Jazz Groove Mix” encourages me to pick up my pace when I force my carcass to walk over 10,000 steps around the lake when it’s not freezing out and Thermodynamics’ Explorer relaxes me, especially if I have a glass of wine while listening.

My newest artist, Peppino Gagliardi and his song “Che Vuole questa musica stasera” – I encourage you to listen to this one…This Italian singer’s songs are soothing, reminds me of a few Spanish artist my mom listened to as we were growing up and if you have a moment go over to YouTube and have a listen.

It’s cold out and there’s far too much snow to walk around the lake or the neighborhood but it’s a damn good day to listen to my tunes. If you want to share your favorites, do so…I enjoy adding new music on my phone for my walking adventures.

Life is good,