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Wow, it took my fellow blogger, Miss Bella,  to slap me into reality and now I dust off my abandoned blog to hopefully get back to some sort of writing routine.

As a thank you for her slapping me back into writing ( I now know how Nicolas Cage felt when Cher slapped him while yelling “snap out of it!” in the movie Moonstruck) I have added a link to one of Bella’s post below for your reading pleasure.  It’s one of my favorites among many of her posts.

If you’re looking for good material to read, grab a seat and take a look around her site. She’s a great writer. I enjoy reading her posts since she’s honest, funny and says it like it is.

Sometimes as writers we become focused on trying to write the best articles, essays or stories before sharing it with our readers. I need to stop worrying about whether or not a post is good enough to be read before I hit the ‘publish’ button. Anything worthy of sharing should be shared and Miss Bella, I’m going to start getting back on track. Thanks for the ‘slap’ and I’ll see you when I drop on over to your blog.

Life is good,