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Wow, I’m on a roll with two posts in one day.  It’s only because I’m delaying the sweet potatoes peeling process.

What Thanksgiving means to me is plain and simple and yes, the truth:

It means:

I have to monitor my ShopRite club card to make sure I add up points for that damn free turkey (yes I want a free one!)

Heading to ShopRite close to midnight to avoid the herd of people shopping like the end of the world is near.

Making a second trip to ShopRite because I forgot a few ingredients (ok I forgot most of my ‘key’ ingredients).

Driving again to ShopRite the DAY of Thanksgiving (why me?) because I ran low on something (usually aluminum foil or butter).

Deciding on whether I want the turkey or the ham as my holiday bonus prize from ShopRite (why can’t I have both?).

I have to spend my entire Wednesday night cleaning and prepping ingredients for the next day.

I have to get up early to put that heavy ass turkey in the oven at an ungodly hour because I need to make sure it’s cooked through.

Spending hours prepping food that will be devoured in less than ten minutes and now the dishes are mocking me.

Reminding myself not to stay up late or drink too much because I work the next day.

It means a paid day off.

And yes, it means being thankful for the opportunity to spend time with my loved ones….even if some just come over for the free food.

Life is good,