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Wow! Wow and Wow!  To walk for two days to raise awareness and funds to help the Avon 39 Breast Cancer foundation was both exhilarating and scary as hell.  Yeah we did the walk last year and survived it but this year I felt every crack, pebble and tripped over thin air by mile 20.  To think I committed my time, body and feet to walk for 26 miles on Saturday and 13+ on Sunday (and it wasn’t an easy task getting up at 3am to leave the house by 4am in order to make it to base camp by 5) to raise monies for men, women and families of those who are suffering with this dreaded disease.

Yeah by the end of the night I was talking myself into NOT quitting and making sure I would get my tired aching-numb-feet-wobbly carcass out of bed on Sunday to finish what I started.

I did!!!

I got home and was useless for the remainder of the day and was glad I was smart enough to take Monday off.  Opening ceremonies, walking through the streets of New York City and over Brooklyn Bridge and yeah Manhattan Bridge, all I kept repeating over and over was…..”No pain, no gain….you got this and you have no idea what chemo therapy feels like nor do you know what the men and women who are sick go through every day…you can do this. Just put one foot in front of the other and ignore the pain because this is temporary for you but not for those unfortunate ones walking with or around you.”

I pushed myself, sometimes leaving my captain behind as I focused on not slowing down or not stopping until my feet demanded I slow down.  Ok so I felt bad leaving my captain behind but during the walk I became obsessed with getting a Starbucks coffee and I used it as an excuse to leave her behind.  I did catch up to her once the caffeine kicked in…by my third coffee, double shot espresso, I was like that stupid energizer bunny and walking past tourist, walkers, homeless people and the falafel guys.

My heartfelt thanks to all my well wishers, supporters, donors and encouragers!  Thanks for helping me make a difference and please continue to donate by visiting my Avon 39 page since it’s not too late to donate and I still need to reach my goal.

Life is good even for those who will NOT let something like Breast Cancer stop them from enjoying each day.