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My fellow followers I hope you are all well today as you read yet another wild and wacky post from this crazy creative writer.

Today I’m focusing on the importance of why women should stay on top of their yearly mammograms.  We know October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, I mean how can we not know this due to the numerous commercials and advertisements we see on television daily. Well, let me tell you that we tend to brush it aside and not pay any mind to the warnings, suggestions and even those damn postcard reminders from the evil diagnostic center.

My message is both personal and sort of an infomercial to get the message out to every man, woman and child as a ‘wake up and feel the lumps’ alert!

Last year my friend, Robin Kwestel, and I participated in the Avon 39 Walk to End Breast Cancer which was a 2-day event where we walked 39.3 miles to raise funds for a cause which has helped raise awareness, educate and provide assistance for families currently battling breast cancer. This foundation has also provided much-needed screenings and treatment to detect breast cancer early and stop it in its tracks. What does this mean, that every contribution they receive has helped, and continues to help save lives and improve lives. Something amazing and awe inspiring when you meet, talk and walk with many survivors and those currently battling breast cancer as I did last year.

I walked with my teammate for TWO DAYS last year and it was all fun until we hit the mile 3 post and I did the math and almost turned back.  Little did I know we would be walking over THREE bridges (and my stupid ass is afraid of heights, bridges and any man-made structure which hovers over water or high grounds) we walked all over New York City, some parts of Brooklyn and it’s all a blur right now but I think we walked through Kansas and the Tin Man was there and Toto too. Oh sorry, if you thought my mind wouldn’t wander off as I write, you were wrong. Back to the point, so there we were walking, talking (I of course was searching for a damn Starbuck’s because New York is riddled with Dunkin Donuts!) and trying not to complain about our aching backs, tired feet or the fact that we had to use those smelly latrines. Ok so they’re not called latrines.

My point here is, when I decided to walk again this year, I wanted our team to raise more than we did last year (we raised over $4,000 dollars thanks to our friends, family and neighbors and Facebook followers!) What I didn’t expect was for me to be afraid before my walk (not only because I’m a year slower and a year older) but because I had to go through two mammograms and one ultra sound to see if I was going to walk not only to represent those affected by breast cancer, but I was afraid I was going to walk for myself as well.

Yes, it was scary waiting for those damn results and although I was scared shitless, I somehow resigned myself to accept whatever the outcome would be. As crazy as it sounds, I wasn’t afraid of getting bad news. Why? I think it had to do with all the SURVIVORS that I met and walked with last year and how their stories inspired me. Or perhaps it was hearing of my friend and teammate mentioning the many friends she had lost to breast cancer. Whatever the reason, I had the strength and courage to face my doom.   Ok, I know the suspense is getting to you…so the results weren’t bad. I do have to go back in six months for yet more testing and follow ups and I’m sure more titty-flattening, but it’s all good.

Hey, in closing, PLEASE get your screenings done if not this month before the year is over. Life is all about enjoying our moments while we can whether healthy or not. Give yourself the gift of knowing and your mammograms done.

And make sure you visit my Avon39 participant page and donate what you can for a good cause. I will be walking for two days on October 15 and 16th and I’m looking forward to meeting more exciting and courageous survivors!

Help me make a difference!

Life is good,