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I guess this is long overdue since I’m always praising single parents but have yet to dedicate a post to all the single fathers.  It had to take a post from my younger brother on Facebook to inspire me to write something especially for single dads.

So here it goes:

You tirelessly work one or perhaps two jobs because you fear not having the means to care for your child.  Day after day you’re working overtime and holidays and even filling in for your colleagues just to make sure your paycheck will not only cover your rent but also food, clothes, after school activities and the occasional Dad and son or Dad and daughter lunches.  So what if you only get a couple of hours of sleep and have to force a smile on your face as you prepare yourself for another day in the park, museum, pool or the movies. You do it because you want to, not because you have to.

You didn’t choose to be a single parent but circumstances beyond your control made it so. Perhaps she left because motherhood wasn’t her thing or perhaps you weren’t good enough for her even though you paid the rent, took care of her and your child and made sure you had family time.  You didn’t choose to be a single parent when she passed away and left you wondering ‘why me?’ as you looked into your child’s face.  Or perhaps you did choose to be a single parent because there was a child no one loved or gave a home to and you knew you could make a difference and had enough love to give.

For all these reasons, and I’m sure there are many more, I dedicate this post and send all the SINGLE FATHERS my sincerest wishes for a Happy Father’s Day today and EVERY day for all you do to make your child’s life happy, safe and full of love.

Every smile, every question, every ‘why daddy?’, and every sleepless night when they are sick are definitely worth it especially when you get rewarded with hugs and kisses and “I love you daddy”.

Happy Father’s Day single dads!

Life is good,