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Who knew I would rediscover the Hallmark Channel and begin watching those sappy movies made for wimps like me.  I was sucked back into the world of fantasy, romance, tears and betrayal and that’s just the commercials!

What was I thinking by watching show after show knowing that in the end the guy gets the girl. To top it off, I began switching from the Hallmark channel to the Lifetime channel!  From ‘Killing Daddy’, ‘Nightmare Nurse’, and ‘His Secret Family’…whew! I had to head back to Hallmark for more tears after I began getting suspicious about Mr. Eve after watching a few twisted Lifetime movies about double lives, cuckoo for cocoa puffs lovers and evil stepchildren!

Should I thank the Hallmark Channel for encouraging me to dust off my old black and white DVD’s? Talk about crying your eyes out. Try watching “The Imitation of Life” with Lana Turner and Juanita Moore. This movie is a ‘cry-your-eyes-out-with-a-big-ass-lump-in-your-throat’ classic. And even though I know how it ends I still cry like a baby and act like it was all real.  I thought I had more balls than that considering I write romance stories and sometimes kill off one of the main characters (yeah I cry while writing that too).

Gotta go now there’s another Hallmark classic, Tulips in Spring, coming on.  I’m such a sappy ass girly girl falling for these damn predictable movies…Damn you Hallmark Channel! Damn you all to hell…!  (Did you guess this was from a Planet of the Apes scene where Taylor speaks for the first time against the gorillas who trapped him in a fish net? LOL, I couldn’t resist.)

Life is good,