My fellow followers, I’ve neglected my blog since I’ve been busy with other writing projects but I can’t abandon my baby for long.  As I mentioned before, I hate the thought of writing on my blog just to have something posted.  If it’s not worth writing about why bother?

Today’s post is about family.  Hell, we all have our share of dysfunction in our families and at times we wish we could disown some of our relatives.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my family, flaws and all, but there are days that I wonder if I was adopted or if some of them just dropped in one day and never left!

The good thing about being with family is the laughter.  I enjoy hearing my nephews and sons cracking up at stupid jokes or some dumbass video they’re watching on YouTube. I also enjoy making them laugh with my stupid jokes and I mentally make a memory of the moment.

Yeah on occasion I’ll randomly text a family member to let them know how much I love and miss them (only to be mocked by them since they think I’m drunkenly texting them) because we should let them know how much they mean to us.  Is that so wrong? Nah! There are days when I go through family pictures and laugh at our old ass fashion statements, stupid hair styles or mismatched outfits and boy would I love to post those on Facebook!

Today’s random post was inspired by some memories of my family and how I hope we all put our differences and disagreements aside and remember what is truly important in life.  To me it’s accepting, forgiving and letting our loved ones know that even though they are eff ups or losers or not worthy of our forgiveness, they are still our family and we will love them forever…….damn, we can’t choose our family but we can learn to tolerate their shortcomings.

Life is good…..thanks for being my faithful followers.