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Eureka! It seems I had another brain pause as I aimlessly walked through the supermarket aisles with my annoying squeaky-wheeled cart. It was a Friday, actually it was yesterday, and I thought the ShopRite was giving away something for free on aisle 4 but to my dismay it wasn’t free items the desperate zombie-like shoppers were hurriedly grabbing at.  They were hoarding chocolate Easter bunnies, assorted colored Peeps (who knew now they come in multiple pastel colors!), and let’s not forget the jelly beans.

Why people? I mentally asked as I passed the crowded aisle to find my frozen creamed spinach. They were grabbing the colorful wrapped baskets and bunnies and crossing names off their lists…yes, they had lists!! I didn’t know lists were part of the tradition as well.   Did I miss the memo years back which explained how Easter and chocolate, jelly beans and Peeps are tied together?

Back to my brain pause, no make that brain fart…..as I fell for the bait and grabbed those damn pastel colored Easter jelly beans to fill my gumball machine, I began to think of how, if it were up to me, I would replace the chocolate bunnies with something a little more Eastery (is that even a word? I think not).

At the risk of sounding like a heathen and yes as usual I’m sure my random thoughts will offend a reader or two but it is what it is on Eve’s Realm.  Pushing my annoying cart past the dried up tulips and lilies which no one was buying even if they were three for twelve bucks, I waited on line and had a mental picture of substituting all those bunnies with chocolate crosses and wine filled chocolate hosts.  What?!  If you give a Suzy a chocolate cross with Jesus’ face on it, you’ll be able to explain to her what the meaning of Easter is really about. Better yet, give Suzy a bible, dress her up for Sunday school and tell her there’s no damn Easter bunny and after you hand her a Snickers bar tell her to go learn the true meaning of Easter.

Charlie Brown, there’s no such thing as the Easter Bunny!  And yes, I do benefit from this holiday….I always qualify for my free ham at the ShopRite so there is some good to be had.

Life is good………

No matter what you believe in. Happy Sunday!!!