Why does it take an unhappy trip to Walgreen’s for this writer to come out of hiatus?

Perhaps it’s because after three hours and still fuming at the lack of properly tagging their items with the price listed on their stupid flyers or the ‘Switch and Bait’ of offering me a three dollar off coupon and when I get to the register the item is NOT eligible for said coupon. Come on Walgreen’s! Did you not learn from my previous post blasting you?

Why I ask, WHY do you advertise a product at a lower price and then it’s not on sale when the cashier scans it? Dare I hold up the line and have your young cashier call management? Not today.

I did leave one item (because it wasn’t scanning…really?!!) and I had no choice but to buy the other item without using the coupon!!! Should I have left it? Yes, but damn you Walgreen’s I refused to get in my car and drive to the next town to the nearest Rite-Aid or CVS because the minute I saw the snowflakes blanketing the road, I knew I had to take my carcass home fast!  Ok so I’m exaggerating about the snowflakes but they were coming down pretty hard. Oh yeah, there was this other impulse item I randomly grabbed because they were cute fuzzy white and black socks. Did I need them? No. Why then did I take them? Because they reminded me of my black and white cat Ozzie…What?! I said it was an impulse buy didn’t I? Either way, I left the damn socks because they also wouldn’t scan and I didn’t think it was my job to tell the cashier how much I thought the item cost.

Walgreen’s you suck! And sadly at times I’m at your mercy because you’re conveniently close but I’ll tell you one thing and I’ll tell you once…YOUR PRICES ARE TOO DAMN HIGH! Come on now people, I buy my Oil of Olay face wash for four dollars less at Wal-Mart or at Shoprite. Your prices are resembling A&P’s and we all know what happened to them back in 2015.

On that note, I will stop my selfish rantings and move on for tomorrow is another day.

Life is good,