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The people who are trying their best to build a future for themselves and their families. Be it by working hard, setting an example, giving back to the community or just plain old helping to keep the neighborhoods safe.  These are the good!

They also protect us (military, police and Charles Bronson…..ok people, I’m dating myself so google Charles Bronson in “Death Wish” he was a badass!!), teach us (teachers, mentors, tutors), help our mental anguish (therapist, friends, sisters/brothers, psychiatrists).  There are far too many good men and women often not acknowledged for what they give us.


The BAD:

Donald Trump…. somebody tell the man to use a pair of scissors and a comb!  He needs to stop acting the fool he is and stop and smell the roses or the real world….Dare I say more? I can, but I won’t because sometimes “less is better”.

The crooked cops who sadly have given the hard-working TRUE officers a bad name and who are now being hunted down because the uniform today represents negativity depending where we live.  Stop the insanity, the killings and the lies!  Every human life counts…..it’s not about black or white, yellow or freaking albino!  A life is important….don’t forget it.

The Mexicans:

Ok so Trump wanted to build borders or deport illegal immigrants out of this country because they are RAPISTS? Mr. Trump, if you can name a Mexican or immigrant who has blown up, shot up, or plotted against the United States, I will gladly support you!!! As I see it, you’re trying to ban, deport, and/or ostracize the wrong race.  You need to go after the terrorists who are NOT looking to wash dishes, mow our lawns, or work for meager pay because the terrorists are the ones who are making America unsafe, not Pablito riding his bicycle to and from work to earn an honest living.  Then again, this is how I’m seeing it.

Do I write or say things that at times piss the hell out of some?  Of course, that’s why I keep reminding my readers….I say it like it is, or how I see it at the time it is written…that’s why I keep thanking my MILITARY FAMILY and STRANGERS, for giving us the FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!

Life is good,