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My dear faithful followers and readers here’s an update on our Avon 39 Skate Night at Aspen Ice Arena in Randolph NJ which was held yesterday, 9/26/15:

We had a good turnout as far as attendees at our Avon 39 charity skate night. As I mentioned before I will be attempting to complete 39.3 miles in TWO days come October 17th and 18th with my Captain Robin Kwestel…We are both walking to support this cause and raise monies to help find a cure. We are also doing this in memory of those friends and family members we’ve lost and to help those who are currently fighting to beat breast cancer.

A big “thank you” to the Team Captain “Robin Kwestel” for getting this charity event up and running along with the staff/team of Aspen Ice especially Linda for her support.  Other supporters were hockey moms who showed up, helped sell tickets, spread the word about the event and donated to the cause.

It was a long night and as the crowd got smaller and smaller we began cleaning up and putting our left over merchandise away.  To my surprise as the tables and balloons were put away this young man, eleven-year old Dylan, stops by the clean table and asks “how can I donate?”  I look at this confident young man and honestly that was the highlight of my night.  As Dylan gives me his donation, I offer to go to the car to give him a ribbon or chocolate as a thank you and he tells me he just wants to donate I don’t have to give him anything.  One word. WOW!

I know a lot of adults who can learn a lesson from Dylan and kudos to his parents since judging by his actions, they’ve done a fine job in teaching him about sharing, caring and helping others.

Dylan, I thank you for donating to help find a cure for breast cancer and for your support. All the best to you and your fellow ice hockey players in your upcoming games…GO KINNELON COLTS!!!

And to my faithful readers, stay tuned I will try my best to keep you updated on my progress….it’s not too late, head on over to my Avon website look for team      “Boobie-Licious” and donate today…..we can all make a difference!  Dylan did!!!

Life is good,