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Hello there,

It’s been far too long since I’ve posted anything new on my blog and as usual I ask for your patience.  What have I been up to you ask?  Well, I’m supposed to be training for my upcoming walk in the Avon 39 Breast cancer walk….how am I doing?  Well, I’ve been walking to train for this but I’m getting kind of scared because the longest walk I’ve done so far was 5 miles and let me tell you….my butt and feet were screaming like crazy the next day.

Yeah, yeah I’m tired, old and my body doesn’t do as I ask at times but hell, I am determined to raise money for all the women who have lost the fight or are fighting to beat this damn disease.  Do I have it? No…. Do I  need to walk? No…. Am I crazy for walking? Yes….Will it make a difference? Hell yeah!!   It only takes one person to make a difference and it takes a group of caring friends, family and followers to help make the difference greater.

So today, Saturday 9/26 my team Captain Robin Kwestel and my tired old carcass are going to Aspen Ice where we are holding a fundraiser to raise money for our team “Boobie-Licious”.  I will not be tying on my skates tonight since I need to avoid any bodily harm in order to make this walk….so if you’re in Northern New Jersey come on down and skate with us and if you’re lucky I’ll give you free autographs….why an autograph you ask…..well, with my luck I will be on Eyewitness News on October 17th after or before completing my walk as the paramedics carry me off…if it ends on Youtube, my autograph could be sold on eBay…..wow, I hope my hair doesn’t frizz on that day, I sure need to look good while being carried off.

Interested in donating? Well this godforsaken site won’t let me add a link to my posts (the bastards), so head on over the Avon39 site and look for team ‘boobie-licious’ to …or drop me a comment, I’ll find a way for this cure!

Life is STILL good,


Avon39 the Walk to End Breast Cancer October 17-18 (2 days to walk 39.3 miles!!!)