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Hello fellow followers and browsers,

I have been absent lately and really haven’t had the time to add any new posts since I’ve been busy with other projects.  My main project from now until October 17th, is to focus on training for my upcoming walk in the Avon 39 Walk to Beat Breast Cancer.  My sorry carcass has committed to walk 39.3 miles on October 17th and 18th to raise money for ALL women suffering or fighting the battle against breast cancer.

I will be posting my progress, hopefully not as I’m being carried away by paramedics.  My goal is to finish, raise money, help those in need and not end up on the news as a casualty…..Life is good!

Don’t be shy!  I’m still asking for donations so head on over to my Avon39 site, which if I did it right should be attached below, or contact me if you’re having trouble finding it….every dollar counts!



Avon 39 Walk to end breast Cancer