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Fellow followers I need your advice or comments on this one since I’m a ‘social media’ idiot!!!

I’ve been wrestling with this one for almost a year and of course my attitude is usually “whatever”, “life goes on”, “there’s more important/tragic events happening in the world for me to give a  rat’s ass about this sh%$#”, or “life is good…drink wine!” but here goes:

I guess this is one of my “WTF” thoughts, or better yet another “Riddle Me This” bullshit post….lol, yes, I said it, I keep reminding my readers, I write it like I think it..No holds barred..or some crap like that…ok back to my tidbit….

And I’m sure some of my followers or readers may have experienced this, hence the reason I need to be emejucated (yes I spelled it wrong, my close friends get this!) on this one. So I UNFRIENDED a family member from social media and it wasn’t taken lightly. This turned into an all out war where families were divided, my name became like “Voldemort” from Harry Potter so I am now “SHE WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED” and the unfriended person is expecting ME to call and splain (yes spelled wrong like Ricky Ricardo and Lucy…I’m old you don’t get it, ask someone in their forty something age) why I unfriended them.    So, I didn’t get the memo that when I unfriend someone I have to call them, I guess it’s a ‘courtesy call’ to give them a valid reason for the cutting of the social media umbilical cord.  Ahhh, if I get unfriended, I definitely will NOT notice because I don’t spend a whole lot of my valuable time on social media but IF I did, I wouldn’t give a rat’s ass…one less person’s daily routine to read or pictures to view…right? Maybe I should consider reaching out to Mark Zuckerberg and ask him what’s the proper protocol here….there’s a thought.

Ok so maybe, maybe (NOT) I’m wrong, but, isn’t blood thicker than ‘social media’? How old are we? Are we in high school where if you’re unfriended now I’m the mean girl?  Hmmm, I’m just curious if I committed social medial family-cide ( I made this word up to go with the misspelled crap).

Now then, you can be my judge and jurors and yes, I’m wearing my big girls panties (or grandma panties depending on the time of the month) so comment away and lead me to the road of righteousness….or social media etiquetness (another misspell) LOL.

Life is good even when we put ourselves out there to be ridiculed, judged or just plain I DON’T GIVE A RAT’S ASS.