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I was hoping to begin a journal of my upcoming journey to walk in the October Breast Cancer walk but I figured, I’m already scared enough at the thought of walking 39 miles in two days to raise funds to help battle this disease. Will I be able to complete this challenge? I’m hoping I will. Have I begun my daily walks to prepare for the grueling trek around central park and God knows what other parts of New York City? Absolutely NOT. Did I invest in a good pair of sneakers to protect my corns and bunions for this…again I say “Absolutely NOT!”

So why am I doing this? Well, I buy the coffee mugs, car magnets, pens and postage stamps to give to the cure. These trinkets are nice to have around to remind me that EVERY October I support the cure even more than I do during the year but something was missing…..what I asked myself is missing. The answer came when a friend suggested we do the walk. “Yeah, let’s do this. I’m the biggest advocate for this cure so let’s walk and make some money to help raise awareness and find a damn cure,….” This I say full of joy and eagerness. Well, this walk will not be anything like the March of Dimes walk I used to do every year when I worked in NYC, nor is it like the Juvenile Diabetes fundraisers or NOT even close to the special Olympics I volunteered for, this walk seems DAMN scary…BUT, I’m going to give it a try.

Well, I will try not to keep track of my training progress but I’ll tell you this (as I sip another glass of Chardonnay instead of walking around the block), if the women suffering from breast cancer can endure the pain of Chemo and the threat of possible death…then YES I’m ready to make a fool of my old tired ass and WALK FOR THE CURE. Every effort, no matter how small, WILL make a difference.

Life is good,