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It is true that things in life don’t often end up as we would like them to. Does this mean we sit back and do nothing? Do we allow ourselves to wallow in self-pity and go with the flow? There are times when we should throw in the towel and give up and let our dreams slowly go down the drain…or do we put on our grownup undies and sit in the driver’s seat and GO to where no man has gone before? Oh, sorry, that’s Star Trek I believe…we should strive to make our dreams come true no matter how big or small they are. Or better yet, we should TRY to achieve our dreams so that tomorrow we may have no regrets.

We have no guarantees that our dreams will become a reality, but it is BETTER to ACT on our dreams and succeed or fail, than to have NOT tried at all. Go ahead, take a chance. Be daring and try that ONE thing you’ve been secretly wishing you had the time OR guts to try. All we need is that one step into making those dreams into a reality.

Life is all about taking chances and why NOT? There are two types of people…those who follow the herd, and those who wander off the path and do it their way.

Life is good,