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Here’s my very first post for 2015 and quite frankly it’s more of a rambling post instead of my usual “deep” insightful intelligent post 🙂

Yes we’ve entered another year and while some are making resolutions and planning ahead, I personally don’t live my life based on years, birthdays etc. Yes, our lives passes us by as we get older and wiser so why let years, numbers, age etc. dictate how much longer we’ll be around? There’s always tomorrow if we’re lucky enough to get out of bed so why not make the best of it instead of repeating the process of grunting, complaining or moaning because we’re back to the same old routine?

Life is all about choices, so if we’re in a job which makes us unhappy, relationship which sucks, unhappy with our lives….then DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Let’s not drag the rest of the world (family or friends) into the misery, let’s make changes and ask those you trust to help you make them.

Life is good! We just need to grab the bull by the cohones and MAKE IT HAPPEN…No one else is going to make our futures brighter.