In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Feeling Fancy.”

If I had unlimited funds for one full day to get any and all luxuries I want this is how I would plan it out:

First I would rent a ballroom in the fanciest hotel and feed as many hungry and homeless people as I could fit.  Then I would rent rooms for these hungry and homeless people so they can get a good night’s rest without worrying about being robbed or hurt as they sleep.  Continuing my act of generosity, I would find the nearest domestic violence shelter where I would spoil as many of the tenants with shopping trips, meals at fancy restaurants, makeovers and provide them cell phones prepaid up to a year.

Second, I would begin my selfish act of lavishing myself with the following:

Purchase homes for my siblings and provide spending money.

Pay college tuitions for all my nieces/nephews.

Give generously to my favorite charities (Susan B Komen; Alex’s Lemonade; Food Panty; Alzheimer’s Org)

Now I will remodel my home; revamp all landscaping; build a west wing as my writing retreat; dispose of all those annoying chipmunks, deer, bears and wild turkeys; hire a personal chef; go shopping in Paris; and buy myself a canary yellow diamond ring.

Oh and since I’m doing so much in only one day, I would have a massage chair waiting at my retreat with several bottles of wine within arms reach.

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