Sometimes I like to browse through my blog to see if my writing technique has improved (I hope it has). When I come across a post that makes me laugh, I tend to share it…AGAIN. So here I have reposted this bread making post.

Eve's Writing Realm

Where do I start with this one? A friend and colleague of mine, I will call her Linda to protect her identity, gave me this Amish Friendship Bread recipe and with it some batter packed away in a plastic container. I’m talking real batter. At first I had a flashback to the time when my neighbor gifted me with the same thing and back then I believe it was just called a friendship bread recipe. Now, I usually get freaked out about chain letters, good luck charms and “send this on to a thousand friends or risk bad luck for life” scams,  I’m thinking “not another thing to add to my bucket list”, then I asked myself, ‘why not?’.

I am at work and minding my own business and decide to put my Amish Friendship Bread batter and 3 or 4 pages of directions under my desk right next to…

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