Pearl Harbor attack – December 7, 1941
THANKS TO ALL THE SURVIVING MEN AND WOMEN FOR YOUR SACRIFICE!! And thanks to those who didn’t survive..may your families continue sharing your stories and keeping the memories alive. Here’s my repost to “thank” our current service men AND women.

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Wow! There are so many different outfits out there of brave men and women who are risking their lives to serve our country to protect our rights and freedom.  I have only listed those I can think of on the title of my post and I had to stop because I don’ think I have much room to keep going on.

We all celebrate Memorial Day, Veterans Day and just because those holidays have passed it doesn’t mean we should stop “thanking” those brave enough to leave their families to risk their lives for us. We need to continue giving them thanks and acknowledging the sacrifice they are making for us.  We seldom stop to think of our fellow countrymen who are living in a foreign country not knowing if they will live another day to continue to protect us or if they will make it to the end of…

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