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Hello faithful followers….today I’ve gone and written something that flew out of my……………….brain.

A person attempts to commit suicide but is  unsuccessful.  The subject is now taken to the emergency room where doctors attempt to save their life (call me stupid but why try to save someone’s life who was trying to end it?); now the hospital has spent time and money attempting to save the subject’s life and succeeded.  Did I mention they had a team of eight medical professionals in the room? That doesn’t include the paramedics and front desk person who had to register said subject as a new patient.

The subject is now in a private room, with 24-hour supervision, television, phone and a window…..and let’s not forget the obligatory jello and iced water. Almost two weeks later, said subject is ready to be released and upon getting final instructions and referrals to seek weekly visits with a psychiatrist, said subject claims there is no insurance and they are not able to pay the hospital expenses.

This is the part where I rant or according to those who disagree with me, “I don’t make sense”…….

When an illegal immigrant seeks medical attention without insurance, they have on occasion been turned away.  When a person without a job or home seeks medical attention they have been turned away…when a single parent barely making ends meet takes their child to an emergency room, they panic and stress on how they’re going to pay for the medical bill (and they WILL pay it). When said writer argues with her insurance because a trip to the emergency room after an ice hockey injury is not fully covered because said writer did not pull over during her frantic drive with an injured player to get prior approval….pause…she wonders after arguing and requesting a supervisor…and YES got claims paid after being on the phone over half an hour!

Where was I?    Oh…..She wonders………..Has the medical professional become so blind to the needs of those seeking medical attention that they fail to remind themselves of what is written in the Hippocratic Oath?

So my question is…what happens  to the person who didn’t want to be saved but was? Did said subject attempt suicide again? Better yet, who paid for their hospital stay? Was it the said writer’s and other hard-working subject’s taxes? Did they write it off? Am I just taking the ideas that fly out of my………………….brain, too seriously?  Perhaps I am.

Life is good….right Ernie?


***Note: Said subject suffered from a self-inflicted bullet wound after hurting innocent victims.  Could have attempted suicide before the SWAT team crashed into subject’s motel room.  Hey, I only write this stuff, this is how I see it as I write it. I don’t know where it comes from. Sometimes it flies out of my…………………….brain.