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Hello fellow followers! My apologies for being MIA and not writing at least a small tidbit of news to keep you entertained.

Today’s topic: The news as we know it…or KNEW it.

I won’t take too much of your time and hope my venting session won’t turn you off. I usually write it like it is, or rather LIKE I wish to write it. Is that being selfish? Not as selfish as publishing a selfie like every half hour. Yes, I went there.

Every morning I turn on the television so I can find out what’s happening in my neck of the woods before I venture out. Sadly, the news reporting nowadays is not like it used to be…That’s right Dorothy, you’re not in Kansas anymore.

I’m watching channel 12 news (that’s a Jersey channel) and I can’t stop wanting to punch the news anchor in the face as she is reporting a shooting with a stupid smile on her face. Ok, so they need to look good while reporting the news but why do they need to smile? Did I miss a memo about news etiquette? When I was younger, I remember the news anchors reporting tragedies and sad news with a solemn look on their faces. You could tell by their facial expressions they felt the pain of the tragedy they were reporting….today, those bastards are reporting carjackings, muggings, grandmothers getting beaten up and shootings with a stupid smile or grin. Can you say ‘compassion’???

Whew! I’m so over happy news anchors I’m ready to send them hate mail. I will say Della Crews (channel 12 NJ) is somewhat old school when reporting the news, she’s a bit more real than Miss Carissa Lawson who can’t seem to stop smiling even when reporting a tragic fire…and Kurt Sieglin, who gives a cow’s ass about the “3 things to know” ! I hope I spelled your name wrong. You guys need to head over to UNIVISION and see how it’s done.

Back in the day, the news was just that…the NEWS. We knew Son of Sam was in the vicinity so we were under “lockdown” by a certain time. They reported a heat wave, so we made sure we drank plenty of water, played in the fire hydrants, and put an ice bucket behind our fans (lol, yes we did). Back then, we were kept informed, we knew if our neighbor was a stalker and we didn’t have to tune in at 11 to find out which brand of packaged spinach was tainted by a disgruntled employee…they told us ALL day long. Today, the news has gone from reporting what’s really happening and what’s important, to reporting someone’s GIANT butt, because they’re a celebrity. Who does that?

So my message to the news world……Please report the FACTS, guys, nothing but the FACTS and leave the celebrity gossip and booties to that other program who will cover it all week-long.

Life is good!