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Domestic violence.

Spousal Abuse.

Family Violence.

Intimate partner violence.

No matter what words or “label” we put on this act, it still boils down to the cowardly act of one human being taking the liberty of degrading, abusing, either physically, emotionally or verbally someone they love. For reasons I still don’t understand, the abuser enjoys having the control over a person by inflicting pain and fear onto their victim. This fear must be so great where it cripples the victim into submission, into allowing their captor to take control of their lives to the point where they don’t realize there is hope…there is help and there is life after abuse.

Sadly, these abusive relationships go unnoticed and are not reported unless you are someone in the public eye. So if Jane Doe is living with her abusive mate and reports him, gets an order of protection and dies within a few days, Jane is now a ‘statistic’. But if Jane Smith is engaged or married to a celebrity, or athlete and she happens to get busted up by her mate, it is now nationally publicized, managers and general managers are being questioned and fired, the public feels sorry for the aggressor (because he’s such a good athlete) and Jane Smith lives!

Wow…makes you wonder why society becomes angry, obsessed and sometimes combative with the law because it is only an issue when money, power and status comes into play.

I am still wrestling with this topic and don’t have enough material to share because I do get angry, combative and fail to understand “why they stay”…..I can’t judge…I can’t question and I can’t wonder until I walk in their shoes or live in their homes or feel their pain, wear their bruises or feel their desperation. I am however, trying to educate myself to better understand why Jane Smith is still there and hoping she will get the courage to walk away ALIVE one day……the same goes for all the John Doe’s out there for domestic abuse does not discriminate, and men are also victims who suffer in silence fearing the shame.

Sometimes we understand what others are going through, or have been through, by educating ourselves and learning more about these issues which are seldom addressed. I’m glad I am following this blog, *http://betternotbroken.com, because the writer candidly shares articles related to this topic. Kudos, to those brave enough to find the strength and courage to stand up for themselves and walk away while they can.

Life is good….


*Thanks to the author of betternotbroken.com for granting me permission to share her blog.