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Well back in the days, Egyptian days to be specific, Isis was an Egyptian Goddess of Magic and Giver of Life. She was also a moon goddess who gave birth to Horus the god of the sun. This lady had so many aliases I can’t list them all but here are a few, Mother of Life, The One who is all, Lady of Ten thousand names, did I say Goddess of Magic? Whew!

It is said she spent time among her people, taught women how to grind corn, make bread, how to weave ( I don’t think it was hair weaving back in those days), she even taught them how to read…jeepers was she like ‘Suzy-homemaker’ from Egypt? I’m surprised she didn’t have a blog.

In my days…that would be 1975, Isis was an archaeology teacher who found an amulet which turns her into the superheroine Goddess Isis. She would touch the amulet and when she said, “All Mighty Isis” she would turn into this Egyptian Goddess with short white dress, hand bracelets or cuffs, and BANG! She would fight evil. Yes, I wanted to be Isis and I’m still wondering why if she didn’t wear a mask or glasses like Clark Kent, why didn’t her students or fellow workers know she was the archaeology teacher?! It wasn’t like they had CGI back in the 70’s…either way, until Wonder Woman showed up, I HAD to watch Isis and dream of growing up to be her. Hey, all you need is a dollar and a dream!

Today’s ISIS…..well, I won’t elaborate on this one because all I know is now some Islamic State had gone and used my childhood heroine’s name as their tagline to give themselves publicity. It was probably some idiot with a too-tight towel on his head with daddy issues who decided to come up with this terroristic plan. Honestly, if they believed in God or valued human lives they wouldn’t be acting like idiots who were raised by wolves (or sheep or whatever damn animal they have over there). They should wake up and smell the sand and realize there’s enough sand and rocks to share with EVERYONE!

You want to call yourselves ISIS? Go live in the Bronx with a Puerto Rican mom with five kids (before the 6th came along) trying to make ends meet, and tell her your plans…all it takes is a whack over your head with the broom stick, fifty lashes with the iron’s plug (which they cut off to use in lieu of a belt) or the chancleta and you’ll wish your ass was back in the sand dunes.

Oh mighty Isis from the 1970’s where art thou?

Life IS good!