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I thought I would disregard this subject but then my mind began to analyze and compare my childhood to today’s generation and I just had to put fingers to keyboard.

Today:   Kids are suing their parents for support, college, and/or living expenses?  Hmmm, this is interesting. I understand they’re also ‘divorcing’ their parents! How can one get past all this and still remain part of the family? Would I want my kids calling or asking me for help after they sue me?  WTF!

Yesteryear:  This would be my past. The old days back in the 70’s or 80’s; heck whenever the hell I was young!  If I had known I could have sued my parents, I would’ve gotten my sky blue converse sneakers way before my sister got her damn Pro-Keds! 

 Seriously, do you think ANY Puertorican would dare attempt to sue their parents?  I think not!  Why? Well for one thing, if you even DARED threaten your parents with a lawsuit, by the time your parents found out, your lawyer wouldn’t have time to file the papers.  Furthermore, have you ever heard of a Latino kid confront their parents? Seriously? CSI has nothing on Latino parents, there would be no body, no weapon, no motive, damn…the child just plain would NOT exist.  I believe this says it all.

In conclusion I must say this generation needs a wake up call. We could be at fault as parent by giving them far too much, catering to their needs and letting them get away with things far too easily.  If this is the case, why the need to sue us? Why the need to make us feel we owe them when in reality we have given them far too much…Hell, I have given my sons the right to live when I carried their sorry asses for nine months while I suffered with pain, swollen ankles, hemorroids and let’s not forget those damn ugly underwear!  Yeah, try to sue me….you will NOT get your day in court!

Life is good…so good I can write and talk about whatever I want….